Saturday, March 10, 2012

still stuck

it is almost 4 am in hong kong airport. we haven't any idea what to do next. the travel agency, adoption agency, and united airlines all cannot help us now. so scott is in a long line waiting for direction on what we are supposed to do.

we have been traveling for 33 hours straight and still are not at our final destination. we have been smiling at each other and in good spirits. i will swim to shenzhen to meet my girls if i have to. gotcha is in less than 36 hours if we ever get to Guangzhou.

they starved us on the plane for 12 hours with no snack or anything but water. what a way to fast during
Lent, hahaha.

pastor, i wasn't blaming you. i was just pointing out that we should take these solar storms seriously. i have great respect for their impact now, lol.

nix, we are being loving and kind. i haven't cried except for one solitary tear that slipped out when i realized that we would be stranded overnight in the hong kong airport. scott even got up to use the restroom and i was so tired after over 40 hours without sleep that i lay down in his seat and fell asleep. he stood in the back of the plane until i woke up. i have no idea how long i was out for. i apologized and he said no problem and that he found me cute sleeping in his spot...yeah sure. but anyhow...we are being smiley and focused on why we are here.

we have no luggage and no way to recharge my computer, so i may not be able to blog again until we are in our hotel with luggage. i have the cord on me but not the converter. lesson learned.

love to everyone praying and keeping vigil for us. know we are well as can be expected and feel your support.


  1. We are all praying for you to be rested when you embrace your girls!!!!and that you arrive without any more drama!!!

  2. Still praying...did you not see the part where I said that being stranded in San Francisco was enough drama for this trip??? lol!

    Love you guys and love that your hubby finds you cute when you sleep on his chair, even though we all know you were drooling and snoring. ;)

  3. Praying that by the time this posts you are asleep in your hotel, getting ready to meet your girls!

  4. Oh man.... I'm praying for NO more drama, that by now you are in Guanghzhou and by now are getting some rest!