Thursday, March 8, 2012

china bound

well folks, we leave in less than 15 hours. we will be traveling for 24 hours straight so we will not be updating our blog until we get to Guangzhou. we should be checking into the China Marriott around Sunday morning 11 AM EST.

we pick up our two children on monday 10 PM EST. we will post video and pictures as soon as we can.

some prayer requests for those of you willing to send a few up for us...

that we make it to China safely
that our biological children find peace and relief from anxiety while we are gone
that our Chinese children will accept us as parents and blend into our family with minimal drama
that we are delivered back home to the US safe and sound
that my mother who will be staying with the children here at home will be protected and supported
that our church congregation will be kept safe and intact while we are away
that our journey might move others to answer the call to adopt one of the world's 160 million orphans

may the Lord protect each and every one of our readers and shower them with blessings and love.



  1. You're in our prayers! Hang tight, it's a wild ride.

  2. lol! I love Maria's comment...we love you guys and our prayers are going up for you. :)

  3. Prayers for you!! Can't wait for the Gotcha day pictures!!