Tuesday, March 13, 2012

adoption day

we woke up today to happy kids. ate breakfast and ran off to Adoption affairs to finalize the adoption on the Chinese end. it's official. they agreed to be adopted by us and attested to the fact that we are satisfactory parents. they could have said no and chosen to stay in China. that was a good thing because earlier this morning we had our first meltdown.

BaoQing refused to put on her new dress that Miss Pan( orphanage director i think) had purchased for today. we called the translator for help getting the girls to wear their dresses. we were dressed up in white and black and  red and black and their dresses were white and black and red and black. Bao lost it. cried big ugly tears. so they wore their orphanage clothes over their new pajamas(thanks again jessemyn). that was a battle i was not going to engage in. so what if they looked homeless for our formal pictures?! technically they were still homeless this morning. so we dried up the tears and went to go make it final.

they insisted we choose american names. we were unable to leave them as BaoQing and XiYuan.


                                                  Shianna(shee-yanna) means Oath to God

Basha(baa-sha) means Action of God

Basha with her foster mother

so we end all our girl's names with a schwa sound! plus mama and baba end in schwa!

aren't they amazing?

it is past midnight and i am feeling a strange sensation. i can't keep my eyes open and i feel like lying down. hmmm...could i be about to fall asleep? i am not sure because it is so long since i really slept, that i have forgotten what sleepiness feels like. guess i'll go lay down and share more tomorrow.


  1. Not one but TWO less orphans in the world!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!
    Praying you all get good sleep and start your first full day as a family on a good note!

  2. Praise God indeed! Love the names!

  3. Sweet dreams! You deserve them mama!

  4. Woo hoo, beautiful names, beautiful girls, beautiful family. God is so good! I just can't wait to see pictures of the whole family together. Hugs and kisses! Lori + JMJ +

  5. Hope everyone had a good night's rest and were ready for another day of adventures. Thinking of you.

  6. Perfect names...perfect family.
    Our God must be so pleased.