Wednesday, August 8, 2012

got veggies??

our family is blessed to belong to a local CSA. us girls harvest veggies every wednesday.


poor little A was standing on a wall picking concord grapes when bees in a hive hanging from a tree attacked her. we quickly cut one of the harvested onions in half and applied them to her head and hand. took the sting right out. she was a brave trooper. 

i am starting to think farming is hazardous to her health. since we joined three summers ago, she has been stung by nettles, cut with razorgrass, scraped and bruised her legs climbing on rocks, and now bitten by yellowjackets. 

wait a minute! all those things happened while playing. let me rephrase that...playing at the farm is hazardous to her health. perhaps she should think about doing even more work...snicker snicker.  

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