Friday, August 10, 2012

fun with food

i know some people bake when they are stressed...shout out to you, aunt joanie!

some people eat. some people sleep. others shop.

i get imaginative with the children's snacks. seriously. two weeks ago i made lunch, but served worms and dirt pudding first. then we ate lunch.   

perhaps it is a peace offering for when i am feeling emotionally absent. like a consolation prize on a sorry gameshow. 

"yes, i have had just about enough of you today, but here's a lovely snack. thank you for playing."

i know it is not nutritious, but remember? it is a bribe so that they don't care about the rainy-day-funky-mood i am in.

what is that i hear???  right now i hear three happy kids chatting over rainy day snacks and chocolate rice milk. oh plot worked ((evil movie type snicker))!

oh and also a shout out to you my friend, J, who know who you are...i can't bake, but i make a mean beignet.

a few weeks ago when i was in my serious funk, i snuck out of the house at 6 AM one saturday morning to pull garlic at the farm with my friends. i got home just as the kids were waking up. my mother had given us a box of beignet mix as a souvenir from her New Orleans trip. for those of you not familiar, there is a famous restaurant called Cafe du Monde, who serves these little square donuts doused with powered sugar. visiting there has always been on my bucket list. so thoughtful mom brought them to me.

all you do is add water to the mix and fry. trust me fellow foodies. total yum factor. i trashed my kitchen, but it was soooo worth it.


to score your own beignet mix...

God bless your day!


  1. Hey, whatever works for ya! Looks yummy too! XO!!!

  2. Oh, that is super fun! Great idea! My kids would flip out - will have to try it...