Thursday, May 17, 2012


while making dinner, i pointed out to B the dark bananas sitting on the counter. she made a drumming motion and asked, "mush bananas?" when i nodded, she did a banana mash dance spinning in circles and leaping about. not sure which she likes more...mashing the bananas for me or eating the banana nut muffins for breakfast.

anyone who knows me, knows my shameful secret.

i am no baker. i can cook, but baking is usually disastrous. the one thing i can pull off is a decent banana bread-then again who can't?

it has become a tradition(well if you can make a tradition in 7 weeks) for B and me to bake muffins at least once a week. maybe when they grow up they will have fond childhood memories of quick bread, if they can't have memories of freshly baked cookies.

here is what is so funny...

i set B up to mash the bananas and set S up beating two eggs...


the phone rang...

10 minutes later S came in looking for me.

i went back in and there they were still working away. B had beaten the nanners clear out of the bowl and all over the floor. i told them they could stop now to their great relief.

B walked around the kitchen massaging her shoulder while i finished mixing everything together. S kept rubbing her fingers.

wonder if eating their banana  nut "meringue" muffins will be a traumatic experience tomorrow or if they have even figured out that is usually not how it is done? 

well, if they turn out especially good, i am changing the recipe to hand beat eggs and mash bananas for 10-12 minutes each. 

warning to future not accept my offer to bake for or with you...EVER. consider yourselves fair warned.

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  1. Looks like Beany's best banana bread is going to have some competition with B's bashed banana bread. Gotta love fun in the kitchen... nothing says loving like something from the oven...