Wednesday, May 30, 2012

country style

summer snuck up on us and delivered a few hot and humid days.

daddy took pity on the wilted children by putting up a slip-n-slide while i cooked dinner on the charcoal grill.

only, because we live in the country now, he did it up in a fitting fashion...

notice he continues it with camo tarp...downhill...about 40 feet

that wasn't enough for daddy. sure it was fun watching the children trying to figure out the correct rhythm to propel themselves down the entire length. but, he always has something better in mind...

introducing  slip-n-slide 2.0 ...

daddy pulls the rope, the children go flying ((disclaimer-no children were injured making these films))

 B   1, 2, 3 GO!
 E takes a turn while the rest watch take-off
awed by her speed
 laughing at the dismount

think this was enough "fun" for daddy? you wouldn't say "yes" if you knew him. of course not! did you notice the swingset in the background of the pictures?

next, he rigged the hose up to the top of the slide. at the bottom of the slide, he positioned the slip-n-slide and tarps.

ruined the fun saved the kids by calling them inside to eat dinner.

one thing i can say for this household - it is always lively!

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  1. What a fun time. Ingenuity at it's finest. The question is... did a grown up do a test run?