Saturday, May 19, 2012

farming and frogs

we belong to a local community garden/farm where put in 5 hours of labor a week during the growing season for a share of veggies and fruits. it is a little little slice of heaven. the place and the people are a valued community for our family. we are blessed to have it as a part of our lives.

this week we had an extra work day where many people come to farm together. there were about 18 of us. around noon we broke for a wonderful pot luck farm lunch...yummy!

the children disappeared soon after. they were so done helping with transplanting. near the end of our 4 hour shift, they brought me a bucket containing many, many, many frogs. i did not care to get close enough to count them. they were jumping out of the bucket and every which way. total frog mayhem.

 obviously E took the t-shirt saying to heart(it says dry is not an option)

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  1. Thank God for my country girls. Gotta love them or hose them down, or both. Right?