Wednesday, November 7, 2012

who likes a nor'easter?

i can think of two Chinese children that do! this is the first time they have ever seen snow. we were out shopping for Thanksgiving baskets when the snow started. all four girls ran outside to catch giant flakes on their tongues. the people in the check out line were looking at them like they were crazy, until i explained that it was their first snow(well, the Chinese children that is). then the people smiled the biggest grins ever. one lady even got tears in her eyes as she exited the store to witness my four children laughing and giggling on the store sidewalk. pure magic.

we got home and dug out the snow clothes. everyone has grown since last year, so we had to piece together enough sets to fit everyone. there were hats, scarves and mittens everywhere!

here is the ragtag crew ready to go out and conquer the nor'easter...

first order of business...snowball fight!!

i would have thought that the cold would've chased them back in after five minutes(i came in after two), but they are busy making snow angels and snow men. i better go get some hot cocoa going. i think i am going to have four frozen kiddos dropping soggy snow gear all over my kitchen floor soon! ugh! did i really say four sets of snow clothes?? good thing i have a new giant capacity dryer with a ten year warranty.


  1. Hailie was thrilled with the snow, too! We got out one of our saucers and she was sledding down our back yard!

  2. so fun!! well all except the 4 sets of soggy snow gear! :o)

  3. Love it!!! I love how God uses simple little things like this to bring tears to our eyes. I have goose bumps from head to toe. Yay God for touching that ladies heart!!!