Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2 Down 98 To Go

we knew there would be several hurdles along the way on our journey. we are preparing for even more to come. it is the practice of staying peaceful and calm through the storm that i need to work on.

so when we found out that the Chinese officials needed to pre-approve us and make special exception, i knew i had to take it in stride. we were told it would take a week to hear back. i was ready to work on patience. this might not happen, we might not get approved, this may be an exercise in futility. let it go v.

funny when we surrender ourselves to something-how unexpected the blessings. 

less than 18 hours after i submitted our EC, the phone rang with the news we thought would take a week...


woohoo. now we move forward with the application and homestudy. i already had a call in to the social worker before i heard back from the agency. the social worker said i could start proceedings, but may want to hold off for a few days. i explained that our EC was accepted and she was amazed at how fast that happened.

she explained that i needed to work on getting lots of forms done to complete the homestudy.

first: proof of insurance- our insurance company approved a special needs child and is already sending out the adoption letter for our homestudy and dossier(file of 13 legal documents needed to complete the process) CHECK

second: background checks for local and state police- we only have state police here=1 less form

third: list of all states and countries we've resided in- that is easy...just CT and NH

fourth: letters from our children's school- we homeschool- so no form needed CHECK

fifth: we need to enroll in Hague classes(the international agreement and rules to keep adoption on the up and up) and complete 11 hours of classroom. i already registered to take a webinar on may 17. process started... CHECK

after the social worker and i went through these initial steps, she said that having less forms will make her job easier! really? something having to do with me, easy? i told her two problems solved -1000 to go and she said more like 100. so 2 down 98 to go. ahhh, the power of prayer. He is hearing everyone- so keep it up please!? thanks for all who are praying and thinking over us. it is working.

i am not so naive that i expect everything will be this easy, but it sure has taken some of the scary out of it. everyone we've talked to and dealt with so far has been great.

hang on jiara-you'll have a family soon! we're gonna move some mountains to bring you home.

i'll leave it with this: 

I know not by what methods rare
The Lord provides for me;
I only know that all my needs
He meets so graciously. —Adams

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