Thursday, February 9, 2012

happy birthday A

our youngest turned 10 years old over this past weekend. she chose to celebrate her birthday week instead of having a party. what is birthday week you ask? well, i'm glad you asked! it is letting the birthday person be special everyday for 7 days. she got to choose everything this week including all meals, movies, activities, and one more request-no homeschool! here's how it went down.

thursday: bought a much needed new pair of church shoes and chose to eat out at Subway for dinner

friday: went to a free showing of the movie Courageous at our church.

saturday-the actual birthday: woke her up at 1 AM to hear mommy and daddy tell her the story of how she came into our family. much later that morning we attended the teddy bear tea, free showing of Cars, and model car painting at our local library with some special friends. borrowed the movie E.T. from the library and watched it while eating dinner of her choice-castle potatoes, corn on the cob, shrimp cocktail, and chicken egg rolls(OK, it has been a while since i grocery shopped, but see how much fun picking out of our freezer can be?) then her grandparents brought over mini cakes, a balloon, and presents.

sunday: after church daddy took us out to Red Lobster and then to CoCoKeys for water resort fun. got Chinese food take-out, went back to our hotel room, and had a bed picnic while watching the end of the Superbowl. played Skip-bo and she won.

monday: went to the gym and hotel pool with daddy and E. later, ran errands with daddy and went to the game room for some arcade fun (the arcade closed early at CoCoKeys disappointing her, so Daddy made up for it). she brought home Chinese character bracelets for her new sisters, marbles, and some prizes to share with E.

tuesday: ran errands with daddy and chose to watch the Secret of Moonacre on Netflix with the family.

wednesday: helped cook tacos for dinner. Skyped loved ones in TX.

all in all a very successful week. E and mommy were sick for most of it, but it didn't hamper how special our girl is and how much fun we can have together as a family.
Teddy Bear Tea with dear friends

painting cars

A's cakes

E in the lazy river

A crossing floating pads

everyone having fun?

Happy Birthday Love!


  1. what a cutie pie and such a sweetie to boot! Happy Birthday!

  2. Sounds like an awesome Bday week!